Live United


United Way of Inner Wisconsin




  • What does it mean to "Advocate?" It means, share your voice! Find an issue that you feel strongly about and tell people about it; DO something about it!
  • Do you know someone who lost their job?  Does your child need a safe place to go after school?  Are you concerned about your elderly parents living alone? 
  • Regardless of who you are, speak up and champion a cause you believe in.  Transform your passion into action that ignites real change.
  • It takes the whole community to create lasting change for all.  When we talk about the problems, and work together, we will find the solutions!
  • "Advocate" also means to get informed. You can learn about United Way by signing up for our e-newsletters. Click below to see the different e-newsletters you can sign up for!
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  • You can also "advocate" and get informed about community services by calling 2-1-1, or click here to read more.