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United Way of Inner Wisconsin



What is Community Impact?

  • Community Impact is engaging community and partner programs to work together to create lasting change and improve the lives of not just program clients but the community as a whole. We work together with other non-profits, government, schools, businesses and the faith community to create lasting change. At the same time we are leveraging resources that get things done, and engaging volunteers who are passionate about issues. We accomplish this through:
    • Our Partner Programs - We influence the lives of individuals and families through the work of our partner programs that provide direct services to people in our communities.
    • Our Internal Programs & Projects - We make a difference through our internal programs, United Way’s 2-1-1, the Volunteer Center and Women’s Leadership Council; and by working on initiatives such as the Learning for Life Reading Mentor Program, The Great Book Giveaway and FamilyWize Prescription Drug Discount Cards.
    • Collaborative Initiatives - We team up with local community partners and work together on projects that have an impact, such as The Help Guide and Stuff the School Bus.
    • Community Coalitions - We influence community attitudes, networks,
      neighborhoods, organizations and systems to create lasting changes in our communities. We do this by participating in the South Wood County Hunger Coalition, Supportive Community Health Services Roundtable, and South Wood County Homelessness Coalition.
  • To see our Agenda for Change Model, click below and view a PDF.