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United Way of Inner Wisconsin



United Way of Inner Wisconsin's Agenda for Change

  • Beginning in 2013 we enhanced our funding model to include Community Conversations and a survey, where we asked people in the community to share with us:
    • When you think about Education, Income and Health - What are your hopes and dreams for the community?
    • What issues are getting in the way of those hopes and dreams?
    • What can United Way do to help?
  • The information was reviewed and analyzed by our Community Impact team and
    developed into strategies and measurable goals where United Way can focus on coalition building and invest funds. The outcome is five focus areas within seven targeted goals to make the lives of those in our community better.
  • To see our Agenda for Change Model, click below and view a PDF.


How will we reach our goals?

  • United Way of Inner Wisconsin is changing lives in our community! We do this by working together with other non-profits, government, schools, businesses and faith community to create lasting change.
  • We are investing in programs and initiatives that:
    • support children and families
    • support families as they move toward financial stability
    • remove barriers to care and provide support services
    • provide basic needs
  • At the same time we are leveraging resources to get things done; engaging volunteers who are passionate about issues, leading, and convening community partnerships such as:
    • South Wood County Homelessness Initiative
    • The Great Book Giveaway
    • South Wood County Hunger Coalition
    • Help Guide
    • FamilyWize
    • Learning for Life Reading Mentor Program
    • Stuff the Bus