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The Help Guide for South Wood & Adams Counties


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About the Help Guide

  • The South Wood County Help Guide is a collaborative effort between United Way's 2-1-1, United Way of Inner Wisconsin and Incourage.  This guide is for people who may be going through a tough time and need help understanding the resources that are available to them. It asks questions such as "How do I apply for unemployment?" or "Where can I go for clothing?" then lists a number of local resources that can help. 
  • Help Guides are distributed at local school districts, day care centers, non-profit organizations, government agencies, clinics, banks, gas stations and churches.
  • In Adams County we partner with 2-1-1 and local organizations to update and distribute the Help Guide.


By the Numbers:


2016 is the eighth consecutive year we have distributed the Help Guide.


Over the years, we distributed (combined)

5,976 in 2013

10,221 in 2014

11,050 in 2015

12,263 in 2016


In 2016 distribution included:  35 schools / day care; 33 non-profits; 20 government agencies, etc.

Source: United Way of Inner Wisconsin, United Way of Inner Wisconsin, United Way of Inner Wisconsin


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