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Sue contacted the Children and Disability Resource Center (CDRC) with concerns about her son’s mobility issues. Johnny is eight years old and has cerebral palsy.  Sue was pulling him around in a children’s wagon. Johnny is able to walk short distances, but the wagon provided them the ability to participate in more activities that Johnny normally wouldn't have been able to do. The concern was that Johnny was getting too big for the wagon. The overwhelming cost of a wheelchair was beyond the limit of what the family could afford. The CDRC sent out requests to various programs and agencies asking if they had any information that might help this family. Within two days the CDRC secured a child-sized wheelchair for Johnny, just in time for them to pick it up as they headed down to Madison for some of his medical appointments. Thanks to the combined efforts of four different agencies, the CDRC was able to locate, transport, and deliver this chair to a family that truly needed it.