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United Way of Inner Wisconsin Welcomes Back Tari Jahns

  • The United Way of Inner Wisconsin Board of Directors is proud to welcome back Tari Jahns as its CEO.
  • Elizabeth Constable, United Way of Inner Wisconsin’s Board President released the following statement:  “The United Way of Inner Wisconsin welcomes back recently-departed Tari Jahns to resume the CEO role with the organization.  The board had undertaken the process of searching for a new CEO, but, after receiving a request to rescind her resignation, voted unanimously to reinstate Jahns.  Jahns is eager to re-engage the community after her short departure from the organization.”
  • Tari will return as the organization’s CEO on January 19, 2015.


Disaster Volunteer Reception Center Training Recruits Volunteers

  • A Disaster Volunteer Reception Center (VRC) training held Nov. 11 and 13 at the Heart of Wisconsin Chamber of Commerce recruited nine new volunteers - for a total of 25 volunteers – for our VRC team.
  • A VRC is where spontaneous volunteers will go in the event of a disaster.  During a disaster, there are two types of volunteers:  spontaneous and affiliated.  Affiliated volunteers have a relationship with a volunteer organization, such as American Red Cross, and have been trained and vetted.  Spontaneous volunteers are unaffiliated and may not be trained, but have skills, energy and compassion to share after a disaster. 
  • In the event of a disaster, any spontaneous volunteers who arrive at a disaster scene will be directed to the VRC, where they will fill out an application, be interviewed and screened, matched with a disaster volunteer opportunity, trained and fitted with a wristband before being sent back out to the disaster scene.  This will make volunteering during a disaster much more organized, efficient and reduces liability.
  • During a disaster, local emergency services are swamped with calls for help and requests for information while trying to stabilize the situation, so a VRC is a valuable asset. 
  • In south Wood County United Way of Inner Wisconsin’s Volunteer Center and Wood County Emergency Management has partnered to train and recruit VRC volunteers.
  • We’d like to thank the following for helping to make our VRC training a success:  Tropical Smoothie Café and Domino’s Pizza for being dinner sponsors; and Heart of Wisconsin Chamber of Commerce for hosting the event.
  • If you missed the November training, mark your calendars for the next training:  March 10 and 12, 5:00pm to 7:00pm at the Wisconsin Rapids Lion’s Club.  For more information, please visit our website at and click on “Volunteer at Events.”