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About Women United

Women United is a group of dedicated, caring women who have come together to create lasting change in our community. Being part of Women United is a great opportunity to connect with other women, stand up and take action focused on issues that affect women and children in our community.

The Founders of our Women United invite all women to become a member. To be a member you must make an annual investment of no less than $250.00. The funds raised are used for initiatives as determined by the Women United membership.  If you are interested in becoming a member or learning more about Women United please contact Tari Jahns at 715.421.0390 or

What Women United Does

Our annual fundraiser is the Power of the Purse Auction.  Our signature initiative is the Learning for Life Reading Mentor Program.  In 2016, the Women United had 45 members, and recruited 82 reading mentors to Port Edwards, Mead, Washington and Humke Schools.

In 2016 grants were given for:

  • $3,840 - Library Getaway Project – THINK Academy (February 2016)
  • $2,400 - Engaging Readers Program – Howe Elementary (September 2016)
  • $300 - Reading Olympics – Woodside Elementary School (September 2016)
  • $2,154 - Common Core Guided reading Program – Our Lady Queen of Heaven (November 2016)