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Homelessness Coalition

Who We Are

The SWC Homelessness Coalition consists of community partners working together to provide resources, education and services to residents facing homelessness.

The mission is to eliminate homelessness in south Wood County.  We plan to accomplish this mission by:  understanding the issue, working together, educating the community, preventing homelessness, and funding solutions.  We know that homelessness in south Wood County looks different than in large cities.  Our local homeless are living in shelter, temporary foster care, transitional housing, or maybe with another family member of friend.  

If you are concerned about homelessness in south Wood County please join us for this work.

Download the complete infographic to view full contact information for partner programs.

Did You Know...

  • State of the Homeless infographic was completed and used at a community discussion with community members in the spring of 2017 who wanted to learn more around this topic.
  • A booklet of resources with program descriptions and contact information was completed and has been distributed to organizations in the community who may work with those community members facing homelessness.
  • The Homelessness Coalition is partnering with the Hunger Coalition and planning a presentation for area educators to participate in for the fall of 2017.
  • In 2016, United Way’s 2-1-1 received 389 calls needing assistance with housing as they were  already or about to become homeless.