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Supportive Community Health Services

Who We Are

Supportive Community Health Services Roundtable (SCHSR) is a group of organizations and agencies who provide supportive community health services; and who are improving the quality of life for a specific population with an identified need. The Roundtable has been meeting quarterly since fall 2014, and has drawn many community leaders from a number of agencies such as local government entities, nursing homes, assisted living facilities and non-profit organizations.

During our roundtable discussions we learn more about each other’s programs, make announcements about upcoming events and breaking news, and discuss issues that need to be addressed in our community.  Some of the issues we’ve been addressing: building an “age / dementia friendly community” and improving communications to seniors, especially shut-ins.

Dementia Help Guide

The Dementia Help Guide asks several questions a caregiver might be asking, like "Where can I get infomration about dementia?", "What activities exist for people with dementia?" and "Where can I connect with other caregivers?"

You can download YOUR copy of the Dementia Help Guide for South Wood County Here:  DOWNLOAD

Did You Know...

  • Local government entities, nursing homes, assisted living facilities, and local non-profit organizations meet quarterly to network and learn more about program services available in the community.
  • The “Dementia Help Guide” was updated in 2017 and distributed to local programs in the community.
  • 1,390 individuals were served through United Way funded programs; these programs are improving the quality of life for a specific population.