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United Forever

What is United Forever?

United Forever is United Way of Inner Wisconsin's Endowment Fund. All dollars raised are invested and the interest is drawn annually to underwrite administrative expenses at our United Way, turning more of the donor money back into the community.

United Way of Inner Wisconsin is committed to securing its future and the future of this community through a well-funded endowment. Our goal is to grow our endowment to $4 million. This will be accomplished through a substantial infusion of endowed and planned gifts and the effective management of the endowment principal to generate earnings through investments.

What are the benefits?

Those who contribute $1,000 or more become permanent members of the United Forever Guild.  The United Forever Guild is recognized annually during our Thank You Celebration.

How can you become a member?

To make a cash donation click here to download our 2015 brochure and pledgecard.  You can also make a planned gift of stocks or real estate; or list United Way of Inner Wisconsin as a beneficiary in your will, life insurance policy or estate plan. Please consult your financial advisor.  Call the United Way office for more information: 715-421-0390.


Q: What is the mission of United Forever?
A: The mission is to attain sufficient principal so that all of United Way's operational expenses can be paid with the earnings on that principal. Once this goal is reached, all money raised in the annual campaign will go to fund the 30+ programs, coalitions and initiatives serving south Wood and Adams Counties supported by United Way of Inner Wisconsin.

Q: Why should I invest in United Way of Inner Wisconsin’s United Forever?
A: You invested in United Way all your working life because you knew that United Way focused on your friends and neighbors in south Wood and Adams Counties. United Forever gives you the opportunity to continue that support. Your endowed investment can be your gift to the future. It will be a living memorial, enabling you to continue to create lasting change beyond your lifetime. No other local organization serves as many people with as broad a range of services on an ongoing annual basis as United Way. Since its incorporation in 1942 under the name "South Wood County Community - War Chest," your local United Way has been a truly grass-roots organization. Today more than 70 neighborhood volunteers still govern your local United Way, identifying problems in your community and directing funds to agencies that can solve those problems.

Q: What is an endowment?
A: An endowment is a fund in which the principal amount is never spent and only interest and dividends are used.

Q: Who is an endowment contributor?
A: We all benefit from a better tomorrow - that’s why we all need to start investing today in our future. Regardless of your profession, giving history or stage in life, you can be an endowment contributor because you care about improving lives in our community.  Endowment contributors range from local business owners to school teachers to retirees. The common thread is that they each take a vested interest in protecting our community for future generations by giving whatever they can.

Q: What is a planned gift?
A: A planned gift is a vehicle, such as a trust or charitable gift annuity, that is funded from a contributor’s assets. Stocks, real estate and cash are all assets that can be used to fund a planned gift. When you make a planned gift to United Forever and name United Way of Inner Wisconsin as a beneficiary in your will, life insurance policy, or general estate plan, your gift will leave a legacy in our community.

Q: How do I make a gift?
A: Based on your financial situation and charitable giving goals, there are several alternatives. United Way of Inner Wisconsin recommends that you consult with your accountant, attorney or financial planning professional to determine the best philanthropic strategy for your, your family and estate.

Q: What are some ways to invest in United Forever?
A: Bequests in your will; outright gifts of cash, stocks, bonds, real estate and other personal property;designation of United Way as the beneficiary on annuities, life insurance policies, IRAs, 401(k)s and pensions; PODs (Payable on Death) and TODs (Transfer on Death); establishment of a trust during life or within your will; memorials. Gifts to United Forever are tax deductible. Depending on your method of giving, other tax and investment income advantages can be realized. A tax professional or financial advisor can best advise you in this regard. An estate planner or attorney can help you structure a gift to the program - perhaps by the addition of a simple codicil to your will - while still allowing you to adequately provide for loved ones.

Q: How will my gift be recognized?
A: Those who contribute $1,000 or more to United Forever become members of the United Forever Guild.

The United Forever Guild

William and Carol E. Allen
Helen L. Arndt
Lin and Bob Arterburn
Al and Pam Bardole
John H. Barrette
Eudora Beadle
Bell Family Charitable Foundation
Georgiana Bentley
Lillian Bethke
Dale Bikowski
Brazeau, Wefel, Kryshak, and Nettesheim LLP
Ben and Mary (Lig) Buckley
Dr. and Mrs. Joseph Cabaltica
Tom and Patti Cahill
Groff and Lila Collett
John and Toni Culhane
Jeffrey and Patricia Curti
Randy and Bev Dhein
Mr. and Mrs. LeRoy A.Engelhardt
Scott and Karen Ghinazzi Family
John and Debra Gruenloh
Don Halverson
Kurt, Kim, Justin and Karli Heuer
Diane and Ken Hill
Brenda R. Huber
Jeff and Linda Huttenburg
Randy and Tari Jahns
Jere and Teri Johnson
Art and Donna Kastenschmidt
Richard J. Kenney
Steve and Cindy Knorr
The Lake Family
Linda Lietzke
George W. and Susan Feith Mead
Mead Witter Foundation
Dan and Jeannine Meyer
Emily B. Nissley
Russell and Jacqueline Miller
Ronald Mundt
Beulah M. Otto
Paper City Savings Association
Jim and Dianne Quinn Family
John and Phyllis Ritchie
River Cities Bank
Louie and Libby Rosandick
Jennifer Rowe
Jim Rowe
Jo and John Sager
Glenn and Lynn Saeger
Patricia A. Schuetz
Donald and Margaret Sprise
John and Judy Steele
Shelley and Fred Stich
Joseph and Dorothy Streb
Janet Suzda
Pete and Nan Taylor
Dr. John and Germaine Thompson
Bruce Trimble
Deb Trimble
Wachovia Securities
Vicky Slater and Carl Wartman
Doug and Anne Wenzlaff
Wayne and Joanie Wesenberg Family
Wisconsin Valley Concrete Products Co.
Lawrence Zimmerman