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Ways To Donate

Different ways to donate:

1.  Partcipate in your workplace campaign

2.  Visit our DONATE Page to:

  • Donate online
  • Make a donation (gift) in the name of a family member or friend
  • Make a donation in memory of a family member or friend

3.  Download our pledgeform to:

  • Make a cash or check donation
  • Request to be billed
  • Make an ACH (Personal Automatic Withrawal) payment

4.  Participate in the Amazon Smile program (.5% of each Amazon purchase will be donated to United Way of Inner Wisconsin)

5.  Designate United Way of Inner Wisconsin with your Kwik Trip card

6.  Participate in "Skip the Tie" or "Skip the Flowers"

7.  Make a corporate contribution through your business

8.  Hold a fundraiser and donate the proceeds to United Way